What is TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)?


TENS Therapy is a technique for electrical incitement which essentially plans to give a level of indicative relief from discomfort by energizing tactile nerves and along these lines invigorating either the agony entryway component or potentially the narcotic framework. The various techniques for applying TENS identify with these distinctive physiological components. The viability of TENS Therapy differs with the clinical torment being dealt with, yet exploration would propose that when utilized ‘well’ it gives fundamentally more prominent relief from discomfort than a fake treatment mediation.

There is a broad exploration base for TENS in both the clinical and lab settings and while this rundown doesn’t give a full audit of the writing, the key papers are referred to. It is significant that the term TENS Therapy could speak to the utilization of ANY electrical incitement utilizing skin surface electrodes which has the goal of animating nerves. In the clinical setting, it is most usually accepted to allude to the utilization of electrical incitement with the particular aim of giving suggestive relief from discomfort. In the event that you do a writing search on the term TENS, don’t be amazed on the off chance that you run over a ton of ‘other’ sorts of incitement which actually fall into this gathering.

The kind of incitement conveyed by the TENS Therapy unit intends to energize (invigorate) the tactile nerves, and thusly, enact explicit common relief from discomfort instruments. For accommodation, on the off chance that one thinks about that there are two essential relief from discomfort instruments which can be initiated : the Pain Gate Mechanism and the Endogenous Opioid System, the variety in incitement boundaries used to enact these two frameworks will be quickly thought of.

Help with discomfort by methods for the agony entryway component includes initiation (excitation) of the A beta (Aβ) tactile strands, and thusly, diminishes the transmission of the toxic improvement from the ‘c’ filaments, through the spinal line and subsequently on to the higher focuses. The Aβ filaments seem to value being animated at a moderately high recurrence HF (in the request for 90 – 130 Hz or pps). It is hard to track down help for the idea that there is a solitary recurrence that turns out best for each patient, yet this reach seems to cover most of people.

Clinically it is critical to empower the patient to locate their ideal treatment recurrence – which will in all likelihood differ between people. Setting the machine and telling the patient that this is the ‘right’ setting is very likely not going to be the maximally viable treatment, however obviously, some help with discomfort likely could be accomplished.

An elective methodology is to invigorate the A delta (Aδ) filaments which react specially to a much low recurrence LF (in the request for 2 – 5 Hz), which will initiate the narcotic components, and give help with discomfort by causing the arrival of an endogenous sedative (encephalin) in the spinal line which will decrease the enactment of the harmful tangible pathways. Likewise to the torment door physiology, it is impossible that there is a solitary (sorcery) recurrence in this reach that turns out best for everyone – patients should be urged to investigate the alternatives where possible.

A third chance is to invigorate both nerve types simultaneously by utilizing a burst mode incitement. In this occasion, the higher recurrence incitement yield (commonly at about 100Hz) is intruded (or burst) at the pace of around 2 – 3 blasts for every second. At the point when the machine is ‘on’, it will convey beats at the 100Hz rate, consequently enacting the Aβ filaments and the agony door instrument, however by prudence of the pace of the burst, each burst will create excitation in the Aδ strands, along these lines invigorating the narcotic systems.

For certain patients this is by a wide margin the best way to deal with relief from discomfort, however as a sensation, various patients think that its less satisfactory than some different types of TENS Therapy as there is all the more a ‘snatching’, ‘pawing’ type sensation and generally more via muscle jerking than with the high or low recurrence modes.

TENS Therapy as a treatment method is non obtrusive and has not many results when contrasted and drug treatment. The most widely recognized objection is an unfavorably susceptible sort skin response (around 2-3% of patients) and this is quite often because of the material of the electrodes, the conductive gel or the tape utilized to hold the electrodes set up.

Most TENS applications are presently caused utilizing self glue, pre gelled electrodes which to have a few preferences including diminished cross disease hazard, simplicity of use, lower sensitivity occurrence rates and lower by and large expense. Advanced TENS machines are turning out to be all the more broadly accessible and additional highlights (like mechanized recurrence ranges and more perplexing incitement designs) are arising, however there stays minimal clinical proof for upgraded adequacy right now. A portion of these gadgets do offer pre-modified and additionally computerized treatment settings.

The quantity of current that flow in the tissues depend on impedance of that pathway.The impedance include oh-mic resistance and inductive resistance. The inductive resistance negligible in the tissues . Generally,watery tissue as blood,muscle and nerve has low ohmic resistance :bone and fat has higher and epidermis has the highest of all.

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Electrodes Placement Technique

this is controlled by the objective muscle or muscle bunch either single or comparable to different muscles

Unilateral : Unilateral position causes irritation of one appendage or half of muscle pair.

Bilateral : It permit the incitement of the two appendages or the two parts of a muscle Pair

Uni-polar : Only one of two fundamental leads and the terminal associated with it are put over the objective territory influenced by the incitement This is called treatment electrodes.

Quadri-polar : Involve the utilization of two arrangements of terminal each beginning from its own channel. It could be viewed as the simultaneous utilization of two bipolar circuit. This procedure could be utilized with incitement of agonist and rival. Additionally could be utilized in crossed example or for huge level region as back.


Patients who don’t appreciate the physiotherapist’s directions or who can’t co-work

It has been generally refereed to that use of the electrodes over the storage compartment, mid-region or pelvis during pregnancy is contraindicated BUT a new survey recommends that albeit not an ideal (first line) treatment choice, use of TENS around the storage compartment during pregnancy can be securely applied, and no negative impacts have been accounted for in the writing. TENS during work for relief from discomfort is both protected and successful.

Patients with a Pacemaker ought not be regularly treated with TENS however under painstakingly controlled conditions it tends to be securely applied. It is recommended that standard use of TENS for a patient with a pacemaker or some other embedded electronic gadget should be viewed as a contraindication.

Patients who have a hypersensitive reaction to the electrodes, gel or tape

Terminal situation over dermatological sores for example dermatitis, skin inflammation

Application over the front part of the neck or carotid sinus.

Safety measures

On the off chance that there is irregular skin sensation, the electrodes should ideally be situated somewhere else to guarantee viable incitement

Terminals ought not be put over the eyes

Patients who have epilepsy should be treated at the tact of the specialist in counsel with the fitting clinical expert as there have been episodic reports of unfavorable results, most particularly (yet not solely) related with medicines to the neck and upper thoracic regions

Keep away from dynamic epiphyseal districts in kids (however there is no immediate proof of unfriendly impact)

The utilization of stomach terminals during work may meddle with fetal checking gear and is consequently best kept away from.

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